Service a one tachograph75,00
Taximeter HALE MICROTAX-06250,00
Printer HALE TPD-01250,00
Plafond HALE140,00
Taximeter Semitron PANTHER P6C315,00
Taximeter Semitron PANTHER P6L315,00
Taximeter Semitron PANTHER P6S470,00
Printer Semitron LP46N185,00
Printer Semitron LP50N245,00
Printer HALDA351,50
Printer HALE255,00
M12 cable20,00
Printer cable HALDA15,00
CAN module CyberCan60,00
CAN module CanM880,00
Hourly wage30,00
Taxi equipment installationfrom 45,00
The primary adaptation30,00
The secondary adaptation17,00
Verification of a taximeter Kienzle43,00
Verification of a taximeter Halda43,00
Verification of a taximeter Hale43,00
Verification of a taximeter Semitron43,00
Programming taximeter Kienzle10,00
Programming taximeter Halda20,00
Programming taximeter Hale20,00
Programming taximeter Semitron20,00
Calibration of the taximeter20,00
Removing taxi equipmentfrom 10,00
Taxi equipment repairfrom 10,00
Changing the batteries Kienzle5,00
Changing the battery HALDA20,00
Replacing the printer cable Kienzle10,00
The inspection of the wiring done by a third-party installer20,00

Large quantities at a price agreement. All prices include 20% VAT.

Our adjustment laboratory E177 is an accredited and meets EVS-EN ISO/IEC 17025